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House Rules Chez Chopin


We only accept cats that have been inoculated against:

  1. Cat's disease
  2. Cat flue
  3. Leucose (volgens R.D. 15-11-2010)

All inoculations are to have been administered 1 month beforehand!
Adult cats need to be inoculated every year.
Kittens at 8 weeks and 12 weeks against cat’s disease and cat flu.
Leucoseat 12 wks and 16 wks.
If it’s more than 1 year since your cat’s last vaccination, the vaccines are administered twice with one month in between.

Your cat must be free of parasites such as worms and fleas .

  • worming: once or twice a year
  • flea removal: via drops in the neck. (from the 1january 2012 we will place the pipet in our hotel.)
  • If your vet places the pipette, please ask him to provide a certificate (or in the booklet) saying that he administered the pipette.
  • You can bring the pipet by yourself or buying it in the hotel.

The vaccination booklet(certificate) is to be handed in at arrival and remains with us for the duration.

Kittensare more than welcome provided that they have received the entire vaccination scheme.

If you darling turns ill during its stay , we’ll contact our vet instantly . The costs are charged to the owner at collection.

Your cat will be turned down flatly when it turns out to be infected with a contagious or transmissible disease.
In this case we will refrain from refunding the advance .

Terms of payment

  • 30% is to be paid on reservation.
  • 70% is to be paid in cash on arrival(we do not have bancontact).
  • The day rate includes : stay, food and care.
  • The costs for additional days will be settled upon collection.
  • Should your cat be retrieved before the agreed term’s end you will not be refunded for the remaining days. This is also true should you choose to bring you cat later than agreed.


  • On reservation 30%is to be paid.
  • On cancellation within 14 days we bill you for 50% of the total fee.
  • On cancellation within 7 days you’ll be billed for 70% of the total amount.
  • In case of a no show without cancellation the customer will pay the total amount.
    An invoice will be sent to you for the remaining amount . This payment is to be done within 16 days.

On reservation we will go through the contract with and you are to agree with our terms. Clear agreements make for the best of friends. Feel free to contact us to inquire after your darling’s well-being during his/her stay with us. We also require a POC we can reach in your absence. This person can always (on appointment) look in on your pet. To facilitate things for everyone we ask that you make an appointment before you drop by. This again allows us to respect the cats’ rest and it’s easier on us. We are a small hotel for cats, so when there‘s a large number of people calling simultaneously, things tend to get crowded here. We choose to avoid this for our sakes as well as our guests’. On Sundays and holidays we’re closed for visits. Thus giving them a few carefree days.

We can not be held responsible for any accidents, illnesses, deaths or runaways.